Drop The Fries And Shake It Off

My top 5 tips/suggestions to a healthy lifestyle!

When I started college I am not going to lie I was eating very unhealthy. Everyday I was eating huge meals that consisted of high calorie intake, and I always felt guilty afterwards. The freshman 15 hit me so bad that it had became freshman 30 for me. When I was a year away from graduating, I was so depressed with my weight gain and I decided to start a healthy lifestyle journey again that I had left years ago. This time the healthy lifestyle journey is here to stay! To this day I have lost over 30 pounds and have managed to maintain my weight over the years. My journey to a healthy lifestyle continues and I don’t plan on stopping. I will be sharing few tips that has helped me in my weight loss journey and to a healthy lifestyle. I hope these tips help you guys with starting a healthy lifestyle. However, I would like to say that no one is perfect and all we can do is give our best. I still struggle with unhealthy food decisions, but it is okay if you do it sometimes instead of EVERYDAY!  Below are five tips that I have adopted over the years, and I hope these suggestions help you guys get started with a healthy lifestyle and to anyone who is already doing these tips Kudos to you!👏

 1) You have to really be committed to your health and fitness. You can not find excuses of eating unhealthy food all the time. Eating junk food everyday is harmful for your body, skin, and confidence. You have to decide what is important to you- A healthy lifestyle or Junk food that will lead to nothing, but health issues? 

2) Find the motivation! It is so important to be motivated because if you are not motivated you will give up too early or never start. Motivation comes from you so find a thing that motivates you. What is it that you want? Lose weight? Be healthy? Have a sexy body? Boost your confidence? Fit in your high school jeans? Look great? Make others jealous? There are so many ways to find motivation and once you are motivated to begin a healthy journey the rest will be an easy struggle.😉  

3) Cut out soda from your diet! Just say NO! Soda is useless calories that do you no good. Soda is loaded with sugar and calories that will do absolutely nothing for you! I drink water with everything even when I go out to restaurants. Once in a blue moon, I will have soda, but it is only if I am out and having a delicious meal that will make it perfect with a glass of coke. However, I have made “no soda” rule such a great habit that I can’t even remember the last time I had a soda! Start today say no to soda and be committed to it for a month and you will see drinking water instead of soda will start to become a permanent  habit. 

4) No, no, and no to fried food! Just no! when you go out order grilled and baked food over fried food. When you are home bake or use few spoons of olive or canola oil. Even better is buying oil sprays that have no calories and use that to cook food. Fried food is just not good for your skin, body, and health. Stop eating fried food and you will notice a difference in your skin and health. 

5) Exercise! It is so important to stay active to maintain weight and to live a healthy life. You can join a gym, run in the neighborhood, go to a park, or workout at home. There are so many ways to workout and if gym is not an option workout at home. When I don’t feel like leaving the home I jump rope for 20 minutes and then I finish the workout with squats, lunges, push ups, and sit ups. 

These are the top 5 things that have helped me out a lot with my journey to a healthy lifestyle. Comment below if you guys would like more suggestions and tips for a healthy lifestyle. Also, let me know if you guys would like to know more about my weight loss journey and life before hitting the freshman 30.

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Too Lazy to be Dolled Up Everyday?

Is being Lazy a good enough of an excuse to not look your BEST everyday!?

Ladies you all have probably heard of another person saying how we should look presentable everyday, as you never know who we might run into! Don’t get me wrong I love wearing makeup and styling my hair and I am definitely a girly girl hence the picture below of me wearing makeup and hair all curled up 💁💄But the truth is I can’t look like this everyday! I don’t have the patience, time, and energy to sacrifice my sleep in the mornings just to get all dolled up!

Funny thing is every year for New Year’s one of my resolutions has always been to stop being lazy and dress up and look cute everyday before leaving the house. However, I always struggle to keep this resolution. Truth is, I am just lazy and sometimes I wonder 10 years from now will I completely transform to a person who chooses comfort over heels? Then I think to myself why does it matter? Why does appearance matter? And I answer to myself that it matters because it brings you confidence, makes you feel prettier, and most of all your day is always smoother with a hot red lipstick on your lips! As a fashion lover I love everything about being a girl!

Sometimes fashion can be hard as a student though. The truth is fashion requires money whether it is a drug store makeup or an Armani Luminous Silk Foundation! I mean who hasn’t been to Walmart or Target and end up leaving thinking where in the world did I spend $80 dollars? Am I right ladies?

The point is, YES appearance matters and YES you should try to look your best everyday, but we are only humans and being lazy is okay ladies. It is okay to run into old friends with no makeup on, acne showing, hair a hot mess, and clothes making you look like a homeless addict (okay maybe not the last suggestion). BUT on a serious note, it is okay because you know why? As long as you are confident of yourself nothing else matters! So ladies go out and fluent yourself not dolled up and be confident because you are beautiful with all your flaws💋

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Calculations of Time

So I just did a 32 hour shift at a mental hospital this past weekend and Oye let me tell you how tired I am feeling STILL on a Wednesday evening. I planned on waking up at 9:00am today so I could make it to my bootcamp class at 10:30am. I didn’t get a good sleep at night for some odd reason *cough technology cough* so I ended up hitting the snooze button twice. Some how managed to wake up around 9:30am maybe. I always take my sweet time preparing breakfast and getting in the mood of leaving the house (which takes an hour most of the time). I managed to leave home at 10:20am to make it to the class at 10:30am. Somehow though a truck stood in the middle of the neighborhood towing a car, which wasted 5 minutes of my life. Sitting in the car in a panic mood thinking I’m going to be late to my boot camp class and I have to leave the gym at 11:00am to start my clinicals for the day. Oh well turned on the music and ignored everything. I reached the gym at 10:35am and was only 5 minutes late and the girl in the front desk tells me the class is full for the day. Grrrr felt guilty for waking up late and not making on time so decided to run on the treadmill instead. I managed to leave on time from the gym to start my internship day and as I drove I thought about how much calculations of time I have to do in a day to get somewhere. What ever happened to take it easy and just go with the flow. Life has become all about timings and in a rush to always be somewhere. Like even now I am suppose to be critiquing an article for my paper due on Sunday along with two other papers. It’s Wednesday already and I procrastinate way too much. You know what it’s okay though because life is beautiful…

A Start of a New Journey

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So where should we begin from? Life of Amna raised in the South of the United States? Sure, that sounds like a good place to start! Welcome to my blog as I am still learning!! This blog site will be everything I enjoy in life! From education, fashion, food, wellness, and life in general my goal is to make you guys see a perspective of this beautiful life from Amna’s eyes! 😉 Welcome to my life! I will be posting a blog of a little more about myself soon so stay tuned folks! 😉

lots of love